Happy Two Year Anniversary!

Exactly two years ago today I started the Shifty Eyes Blog!

Wow, what a couple of years it has been. I started this blog because i really felt like there wasn’t a lot of information about how people lived with Nystagmus available on the internet. Now there are so many blogs, I can’t keep up with them all! And I couldn’t be happier. I think connecting with other people is one of the best ways to deal with this condition, for both those who live with it and for their loved ones.

I’ve said this before, but Nystagmus really doesn’t take up that much time in my life. I’ve talked about Nystagmus more in the past two years than I have for my entire life preceding this blog. I swear, my dog’s allergies affect him more than my Nystagmus affects me. There are a lot of things I could say today, but I think what I really want to say is, turn off the computer and go live life.

We all run in to obstacles. They don’t define who we are. One of my obstacles happens to be Nystagmus, but for all I love my blog, I am not “woman-with-Nystagmus”. I’m Jo. I have a husband and a very naughty dog. I read too much, and worry about whether I should change my cell phone plan or if I remembered to make my student loan payment. I watch ridiculous reality TV shows and write a little on the side. I have poker night with my buddies and play video games with my nephew. I’m happy.

I’m Jo. Now, go be you.


4 thoughts on “Happy Two Year Anniversary!

  1. Dear woman-with-nyastagmus, J/k
    Jo- I love this!! I laughed out loud at the naughty dog part! And loved the part about playing video games with your nephew!!
    Good luck at your conference this weekend. I’ll be checking your blog while you are there. Hope you can post regularly. Sounds really cool. Can’t wait go hear all about it!!
    Happy TWO year anniversary! Look how many people you’ve helped in such a short amount of time – great job!
    Much love, Deb

  2. Thank you for this blog and THANK YOU for this particular post! We recently discovered that our 3 month old daughter has nystagmus. We’re awaiting the official diagnosis, including the type and severity. My biggest concern and fear for her is that she won’t have the chance to lead a “normal” life. Reading about your experiences and the fact that Nystagmus doesn’t define who you are is really helping me to cope with this news.

    • My daughter was also recently diagnosed. She is now 5 months old. It has been so refreshing reading this blog as opposed to all the negative information out there. How is your little one doing? She is probably 8 months now.

  3. Hi jo, my name is katie. I have a baby daughter called tallulah who’s 6 months old she has nystagmus and so far I’ve only had 2 appointments to see specialists the first one the lady just said she thought she had it didn’t do too many checks and just mentioned something about a surgical procedure to straighten her eyes and I went home happy, however my next appointment was dreadful. The specialist did some tests in a dark office and after these checks said that my daughter is partially sighted she has nystagmus and just some doctor talk I couldn’t really understand she made it out like my daughters disabled and I cried the whole walk home in the snow,.. A sensory lady came to my house and did some things with flashing toys and said lula was excellent at following these toys I also do the same with various objects at home and she follows just as anybody else would do, I want to believe my daughter will go to normal schools and be able to see! Even if she’s not as clear sighted as the average person I just need abit of reassureance from somebody who knows better. I hope you can be in touch. Thank you xx

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